A collection of work that explores the possible scenarios under James Lovelock’s controversial Gaia Hypothesis.

Living in a world where the earth is a self-sustaining organism, earth’s climate change is perceived as a fever. Earth, formerly known as Gaia, needs to replenish her cells in order to survive. Every ecosystem and network of biotic creatures plays a role in the effort to keep Gaia alive. However, the most concerning question is raised—what will happen to humans if Gaia attempts to replenish us?

Gaia is a two part series that illustrates the relationship between humans and nature. The first part explores subjects as nature-gazing hobbyists; leisurely spending time in the wilderness. However, they are protected from the physical touch of Gaia. Wearing protective clothing or hiding in makeshift contraptions help subjects observe nature and feel her presence without accidentally interacting. Gaia becomes a personified energy, surrounding us at all times.

Part two of Gaia illustrates the impending ‘infection’ of earth; medical documents of plant life growing on people’s skins and becoming the epidemic which we all fear.

2015 (work in progress) 

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